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Intermec CS40 Price Offer

Sp[ecial price deals on Intermec's CS40 until end of October. The Intemrec CS40 is a small rugged PDA which has always had a bit of a price issue, even for an Intermec but get them at a edcued price while you can!
Small Rugged PDA

Top 5 Small Rugged PDA picks

Small Rugged PDA's are becoming more and more in demand as workers seek better mobility and userbailiuty but with the benefits of a rugged PDA. We share out cvurrent top 5 picks in the Small RUgged PDA category here...
Small Rugged Handhelds

Small Rugged Handhelds

Small Rugged Handhelds like Intermecs CS40 are growing in popularity and with a decent choice now available that have all the capabilities of a fully rugged PDA but in a small compact size. Read more...