Opticon OPR-3301 Bluetooth Laser Scanner – Announced

The Opticon-3301 wireless Bluetooth laser scanner, is going to be one of the smallest and lightest cordless laser scanners on the market. Weighing only 110g (and that includes the battery folks!), it will mean the OPR-3301 will be an extremely comfortable wireless barcode scanner, especially for prolonged scanning.
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The Biggest Range of Products!

Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay in our blogging lately, we’ve been quite busy with launching the site and adding one of the biggest ranges of products to be seen in our market. So far we have managed to su...
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A warm welcome for a new employee

Hi Everyone Whilst other companies in our market struggle and make redundancies, Rugged and Mobile is growing by continuing to deliver great service, unparalleled product knowledge as well as building fantas...
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A first look at RFID Technology

Overview Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that has actually been around for some time, despite the more recent industry buzz. It’s a technology that has evolved slowly over the years rather...
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Rugged and Mobile eShop update

Hi Everyone Just a quick update on how we're getting along with our eShop. Good news is that we have the last of our partnerships in place which will allow us to sell TomTom 7.0 software and some Acer PDA's....