For those of you that don’t know, the developer options feature is a hidden menu that you can access from within the android settings screens on any Android device.  You can go ahead and enable it easily by simply going into Settings -> About -> and then tapping the build section 7 times.  You’ll see a little toast message saying you;re now a developer!

Now before we go on, I will state that if you don’t know what you’re doing then developer options does have the ability to make a mess of your phone so beware!  We at Raptor can only guide and excite, we can’t be there to hold peoples hands and take responsibility for anything we talk about!

That said lets explore some really cool things that are simple to change and will only do you some good.


ADB Debugging

This is the first thing a developer will do when receiving a new device.  ADB debugging allows the phone to talk over USB to a PC and this enables you to transfer files via Windows explorer just like you did with Windowes Mobile phones.  It also allows things like Android Studio to talk to your device, its the foundation of letting things like Fastboot and ADB comand line work and lastly you can also install and use apps that back up your device too.

ADB debugging is actually something that’s hard to live without once you enabled it.


Stay awake feature

Although you can sometimes set this elsewhere or apps themselves can enable this feature temporarily, you can set the “Stay Awake” option to enabled and this will make sure your phone stays on whilst connected to a charging source.  Really handy if you’re in the car or a biker like me and you can’t use the finger print reader to unlock your phone every 2 minutes due to gloves!


Fake your location

The “Allow Mock Locations” setting, once enabled, will send your phone fake locations of your choice.  OK, so when we’re testing the next version of an app like Check in SOS that needs the location features of the phone  this feature is really useful, however it can also be used to hide your real location too.  Some apps can be fooled by this so they think they’re in a another country so they will work.  Try the BBC iPlayer when abroad and let us know!


Make your phone faster!

Seriously this is a really neat trick.  If you scroll down a little further you’ll see 3 options:

  • Windows animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration scale

By default these tend to be set to 1x but if you tap on them and set them all to .5x your phone will be much faster.  These settings are there because they alter the delays, transitions and animations that make the device all beautiful and lovely to use.  However if you prefer speed over beauty then have a play with these.  I know many people who turn these off completely.


Force 4x MSAA

This one’s for the gamers out there.  Forcing this option to true enables “multi-sample anti-aliasing” which basically improves the quality of graphics in games or apps that run OpenGL ES 2.0.

Please note that whilst this improves performance it also uses quite a bit of battery power so beware that your battery is going to have the life sucked out of it!

Show CPU Usage

More of a gimmick for non-developer types but if enabled this setting sticks a bunch of information up in the top right corner of your screen that shows the current CPU usage. Might be interesting to some, probably means nothing to most!

So that’s it.  Whilst there’s a long list of things to do in the Developer options list, I wouldn’t touch anything else other than the above.  Not even we play much beyond what i have told you about and we’re crack Android OS and app developers so be warned!!

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