Android June 2016 OS distribution

Android June 2016 OS distribution


Last month the latest live version of Androids operating system saw it reach double digits in terms of OS share, however this month it looks like the v6 or Marshmallow version of Android is gaining some pace with a 13.3% share of the Android distribution share.

Marshmallow has been really slow out of the blocks and this has been largely due to manufacturers and network operators not updating their handsets as well as phone and tablet users simply not seeing the benefits of new OS’s as we see OS and handset turnover times increase.  The 30%+ increase however does now see this version of Android finally catch up with the v4.x “Jelly bean” version but it has taken time.

With version 7, or “Nougat” on the horizon now after launching it’s last final preview to developers, it doesn’t bode well for Marshmallow numbers as everyone gears up for that latest update so only time will tell if Marshmallow will become the odd black sheep of Android or if it actually set a trend in uptake for new OS updates.

Businesses are really slow on up takes of new OS’s with our most popular still being v4.4.  It’s simply got everything businesses need and it’s efficient, reliable and secure enough for most.  I wonder just how much Enterprise sales do affect the numbers of Android these days and whether business users are being motivated to stick rather than twist when it comes to updating to a whole new environment. Either way Android is wonderful OS, it probably needs to do more to get users to update faster.

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