Woosim Rugged Mobile Printers

We’ve been testing and playing with Woosim Rugged mobile printers for a while now and I’m pleased to say that whilst some of the past, older models have been a little bit quirky, the newer range of printers that are slowly but surely getting it right in my view.

We’re going to spend the next few articles exploring the range and seeing how well they fare against the incumbent bunch of bands like Zebra.

Where do Woosim Rugged Mobile Printers fit in?

Well to be honest Woosim only currently make Receipt Printers, not label printers so we do see Datamax and Woosim as being really complimentary to each other.  They’re also aimed at the user who wants something small, but rugged, rather than large and rugged.  Price is of course a major factor too and when compared to even the Zebra QL series the Woosim range comes in about half the price whilst bringing some great features.

Woosim WSP i-Series Features

  • Rugged! – WSP series are IP54 and built to resist drops.
  • Great connectivity – Bluetooth is standard, WiFi, IRDA, USB all configurable options.
  • Great SDK’s – Free easy to understand SDK that will print in multi-modes (Images, Fast linear, positional) and is available for multi OS including Full Windows (XP, Vista, W7), Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Linux, Android.
  • Great Battery Life – They have nice decent large batteries equivalent to Datamax Apex or Zebra Series.
  • Small and Light – The smallest and lightest Rugged printers we sell.
  • Extendable – add a 1,2,3 track Magnetic Strip Reader or Smart card chip reader to any model for only a few pounds more and you can extend the life of your PDA’s.
  • Fast and powerful – The 32bit RISC CPU, 8MB RAM, 4MB Flash give you plenty of power.

The Bluetooth is stable, the printers will genuinely sit there connect on demand and print all day long and when we use them for projects or for testing we rarely even put them on charge.

Service and Repair

Well we’re getting quite a reputation as the Korean/Asian PDA and Printer specialists here where we already repair and service brands like Pidion and Dotel and Woosim get the same “Rugged Care” treatment.  This means all warranty, repairs and service are carried out in Liverpool, UK, where you can talk to your account manager at any time and get answers fast.  We feel our service on Woosim is the best you’re gonna get in the UK right now.  It’s quick, hassle free and fast, oh and spare parts are all here both for broken and more consumable parts.


There’s a whole bunch of accessories both Woosim branded and our own so you;ll find everything to keep your workers efficient including cases, clips.


We also sell a whole range of consumables, including paper where our customers get special deals on paper.  We make buying paper easy and flexible without passing on price hikes to you.

So everything to take the risk away for you!  We’ll explore the range more throughout the week and put some models up against the main rivals you’ll see in the market today.

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  1. Misho

    Great article! Thanks you! Can you send me links to the SDK for Windows Mobile, and tips for starting programming for the Woosim i350. I come from the Zebra world… can you please advice on programming for the i350? Thanks!