Continuing with our look at far eastern rugged handheld PDA suppliers, today we look to our only Taiwanese based manufacturer in Winmate.

Why we sell Winmate

Winmate have a pretty darn rugged background, making really tough Rugged handheld PDA’s and also LCD panels that have to withstand extreme conditions. More recently Winmate have not only ventured into the Rugged tablet market but have been quietly expanding their rugged handheld PDA range too.  We sell Winmate because we can repair them in the UK, because they’re innovative, growing and offer proper rugged business tools.

3 Winmate Pro’s

The range of PDA’s is growing and there’s something for everyone. Rugged 7″ and 10″ tablets, sub-£400 rugged handheld PDA’s that give you a proper alternative to the semi-rugged likes of Pidion’s BM170 and Motorola’s ES400.

Android is at the heart of what Winmate do. Many of their handhelds are built from the ground up to work with Android, unlike many rugged handheld PDA’s that install it as an afterthought.

Innovation! We love innovative, attentive products that have flexibility and can be configured highly for each customer.  Take the Winmate e430 for instance, you can spec this as a £400 fully rugged 4.3″ PDA with or without 3G, add a built in barcode scanner and RFID for those needing to scan regularly.

3 Winmate Drawbacks

They’re learning and they  have no UK presence right now.  They need good resellers who’ll commit so make sure you buy from someone knowledgeable and who has a direct relationship with Winmate. Some models actually lag behind in their Windows Mobile development. This is changing but many models are Android and CE (who uses that OS any more!!) only. Some models lack the deep accessories that a rugged solution sometimes needs. We have talked about other brands in the same way but if Winmate keep on track and work closely with resellers then they have the potential to be a well-known UK brands of tomorrow. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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