e’ve sold everything at Rugged and Mobile over the years, but recently we’ve found 2 things:

  1. 1. The incumbent data capture brands aren’t actually the best quality, the best hardware and have the best support for many businesses.
  2. 2. Huge choice used to be great, but today it’s about offering customers honest, impartial and transparent advice that helps them through the maze of choice we now have.

We believe that we should be doing all the hard work, openly so you can make decisions based on decent hard work.  Sure we focus on a lower number of products than we used to, but there’s a reason for that.

Enter the Rugged and Mobile “Test and review centres,” which is where we do all our testing, fiddling, reviewing and then share our opinions openly so that you can see what others think too.

We constantly look at new products with a view on adding to our general portfolio and spend a lot of time testing and checking new and old Rugged PDA’s, Tablets, Scanners and RFID Equipment to not only see if it’s any good, but to also understand the product and where it fits into our offering here.  We don’t just flog new stuff to customers because we can, we target devices and back this up with sound knowledge and judgement.  Choice is one thing but unless the choice we give our customers comes with some kind of expert advice, the choice will just become baffling.

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