Rugged Mobile Printer Showdown – Zebra QL320+ Vs Woosim WSP-i350

So we’re continuing our Mobile printer theme this week by looking at probably one of the most popular choices in the durable mobile printer class, the Zebra QL320 and one of the best Zebra QL320 alternatives we sell at the moment.  At first glance the Woosim WSP-i350 seems to be the “budget” mobile printer alternative, but when you delve deeper it actually has far more up its sleeve than just price.  It’s actually far better in our humble opinion in many areas.  We’ll point out all the pro’s and cons right here for you to help you choose.


In Use

To be honest the SDK of the WSP-i350 is so easy to use that we binned writing our own in favour of just writing a few decent helper documents for customers, it’s really easy working in both image and fast print modes and direct manufacturer help is usually only a few hours away at most.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with the Windows MObile, CE or Android ones, they just work really well.  The Woosim WSP-i350’s are also our demo printers that have been sat at shows and here in our demo lounge for days and they simply don’t falter.  The BT connection works, they print and they work.  We spent far more time setting up the proprietary Zebra SDK’s.

50mm paper roll in both devices - 50mm is larger than many rivals give you, the Zebra QL320+ gives a bit more.

50mm paper roll in both devices – 50mm is larger than many rivals give you, the Zebra QL320+ gives a bit more.


WoosimCare is delivered from right here in the UK, its quick, it’s inexpensive and it’s awesome. Service and repair has changed and despite being the less expensive mobile printer this is where Woosim printers really score against the Zebra QL320+.

Proper Rugged! - String, thick, metal rollers don;t break like QL320+ ones do!

Proper Rugged! – String, thick, metal rollers don’t break like QL320+ ones do!

Rugged Mobile Printers in a nutshell.

OK, so the QL320+ still does a few things better.  It will handle a larger paper roll, but this also makes the size and weight of the device much more.  It also has more RAM and flash but the RISC 32Bit CPU in the WSP-i350 in our opinion evens that out a bit.  100 V 80 mm per second print speed will not make any difference to most users.  The 3″ mobile printer market is hard fought but if you want something different, something really decent and something with great service, expertise and support behind it then  the Woosim WSP-i350 is really a very hard package to beat.

Times are changing, and whilst there are still a few areas the Zebra still wins (Paper roll size, Battery size) you only have to look at the Rugged PDA market to know that things will change.  There really are very few reasons why you’d buy a Zebra QL320.

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