Mobile Receipt Printer Showdown – Woosim Vs Zebra EM220?

Yesterday we looked at Rugged Printers from Woosim and today we’re continuing our Mobile Printer theme by comparing what Woosim offer against the industry incumbent Zebra EM220 Printer.

Now Zebra have a smaller range when it comes to the budget end with only their EM220 sitting at the bottom of the pile.  Woosim have at least 3 printers that are comparable in the WSP-R240 and their Porti Series.


Now let’s be clear all these printers do the basics and they do them well.  So if you want to read all about the deep technical differences then the spec sheets are the best place for you to go but they do all the basics the same.  Here we’re going to pick out the main features which is what most people are looking at when buying at this level of mobile printer.


WoosimCare is delivered from the UK, its awesome, just ask our customers!

Woosim Budget Range in a nutshell.

You want the cheapest mobile printer on the market then go fo the Porti S30 (30mm Paper roll) or S40 (40mm paper roll).

You want a budget mobile receipt printer with tonnes of features and high spec that’s almost semi-rugged then go for the Porti SM Series.

You want something semi rugged, brand new, then the WSP-R240 is a superb printer that’s just a bit more rugged by design.

You can even go for the Woosim WSP-i250 that’s IP54, fully rugged and in fact with MSR and BT options is still cheaper than the EM220.

Times are changing, you only have to look at the Rugged PDA market to know that.  There really is no reason now why you’d buy a Zebra EM220.

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