So we’ve been looking at Rugged PDA’s and Barcode scanners from the same typical “category” point of view and someone here pointed out that since we spend so much time carefully selecting the manufacturers we sell here, perhaps we should do a series of articles looking at each Rugged PDA manufacturer in isolation.

Looking at each Rugged PDA Supplier in this way is a really great idea because whilst looking across the manufacturers in each category shows you choice, looking at each Rugged PDA manufacturer can help people understand more about the categories available to them.  In some cases like Motorola and Pidion Rugged PDA’s there’s an end to end offering that can help customers understand the whole rugged handheld gamut more easily.

We’ll take you through each manufacturer we sell (they’re not all on our website!) and firstly explain a little bit about the manufacturer, where they have come from, their future, where they see themselves and the pro’s and cons at a  manufacturer level.  I think a lot of this information is ill-served in the Rugged Handheld market because a lot of resellers out there are looking to just sell, rather than sell the right device into their customers.

Add to this we’ll then look at the Rugged PDA range of each rugged PDA supplier and take you through the differences and the reason why you would buy say an MC65 and or MC75A or perhaps why you’d choose a CN70 over a CN50.

We’ll of course add our own opinion gained from lots of our own experience here.

We’ll start today with the largest player in our market Motorola Rugged PDA’s.

I’ve been asked to list all the articles in this series right and will add as we go along:

1. Motorola

2. Intermec

3. Pidion

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