So far all the suppliers we talked about have been based in the USA, so before we go to the far east, we have one last rugged handheld PDA manufacturers from Canada, namely Psion.

Why we sell Psion

Call us nostalgic but Psion are one of the grand daddies who invented the PDA and we like a bit of innovative nostalgia here!  Psion rugged handhelds are a little bit hit and miss for us here but they have some unmissable products like the Work about pro series that we do a lot with.

3 Psion Pro’s

Psion have a healthy innovative development approach offering features like their Omnii platform, Ingenuity working and nice support plans with iServ.

Psion also have a healthy forum with many engineers contributing which resellers and end users will find useful to help with issues.

Workabout Pro’s and XT/RT series give some very nice modular upgradable rugged handheld PDA platforms to work with at reasonable pricing.

3 Psion Drawbacks

Just been bought by Motorola and the brand will be gone early 2014.  We’re yet to understand what that means for the Psion rugged handheld PDA line up too and as we all know buy-outs like this never bode well for customers. Psion warranty only support can take a long time, in fact we’ve had to do a lot of work this year with Psion just to get warranty repairs under 6 weeks, taking on a lot of this ourselves now. Some models like the Work about pro G3 are great, with lots of USPs, lots of people using them but many rugged handhelds seem to not offer anything and fall under that “May as well buy the Motorola” category.  Always make sure your reseller can talk you through the alternatives and options. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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