Winmate e430M2 gets pogo pin charge update

The Winmate e430M2 is fast becoming one of the biggest selling Rugged Smartphones here at Rugged and Mobile and the reason for this is that it’s the cheapest rugged device we sell with a barcode scanner built in running Android.  This means we’ve seen it sold into many different scenarios but due to the Micro-USB only charging port, the device has been hampered for those looking for true rugged, drop in style charging.

Step in a small but vital update to the e430M2 which now adds a rugged, pogo pin charging connector to the bottom of the device.  The 3 copper dots are rugged, waterproof and whilst the USB port can still be used for chargeing and syncing, the new connector means you don’t have to rely on the non-rugged micro-USB charger in more rugged Enterprise scenarios.

There’s already a couple of new charging products that make use of this new connector and first up there’s Winmate’s new charge cradle.  This comes as a dual device drop in charger that will charge 2 devices from 1 power supply.  However as you grow you can add up to 2 new modules that can be charged from the same power supply making up to a 6 device charger.

RAM Innovation, which is our own in-house product team, have also been up to their tricks creating a brand new charge panel that will charge up to 16 devices from 1 power supply.  We can provide this product in any configuration form 1 device chargers to over 130 on a recent project being delivered to a large warehouse and the Winmate e430M2 has been the first device to benefit from this product.  A brand new vehicle charger is on the way too.

Whilst a small change, this is something that we feel will make the e430M2 a far more versatile device and any woes from using the Micro USB port to charge with have now disappeared.



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