Socket make Bluetooth barcode scanners and they’re growing in popularity as ecommerce breaks from it’s traditional “till” system to a more mobile EPOS way of taking our cash. Instead of the normal grey/blue or god forgive me… Cash register grey, those seeking something a bit more colourful have an option with the new Socket CHS 7Qi.

The CHS 7Qi has a 2D scan engine so you can scan any or all of the barcodes you need to, it’s in the same ergonomic casing as the existing CHS range and is 100% supported by the Socket SDK. In fact you can seamlessly move from the CHS-7Xi to the CHS-7Qi without any tweaks at all.

The scanner is compatible with all 3 main mobile operating systems, Windows mobile, Apple IOS and Android and comes in a range of lovely colours to match your business.

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