Pidon BM170 goes Android!
Nice effort but some key functionality is missing.
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The Pidion BIP-6000 already has Android available on it as will the forthcoming HM40 and HM50 series too but the semi rugged PDA is really where we feel here that Android has major value in our market.  The Pidion BM170 is the first semi rugged PDA with Android and we’re testing the beta out right now.

We’ll feedback our first impressions next week but for now what I can tell you is that Android on the BM170 just fits and it’s going to be something that will really work on this little device.

Price-wise we’re told that the Android versions will be the same as the equivalent Windows Mobile ones and for those who are looking to upgrade then there will be option of buying a license.  It’s a little tricky to re-image devices so we offer to do that here for customers if they want to ensure a smooth transition.  You can go back and forth between OS’s as long as you have the licenses for both OS’s.

The BM170 is small, slim and best described as smart phone sized and is indeed the most appropriate PDA to replace all those end of life HTC P6500’s or HP ipaqs.  For those wanting something inexpensive, with lots of spec options that has a decent roadmap, decent parts availability and very good service then the BM170 is what you’re looking for.

We’ll be looking at it a lot more in the next few posts.

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