Pidion always bundled a tonne of accessories in the box with their rugged PDA’s, but we’ve had so many people ask for confirmation about the new Pidion HM50 and Pidion HM40 series that I wanted to give 100% confirmation on just what you get in the box with them.

The standard list price on the Pidion price list no longer includes the cradle pack with either the HM40 or HM50 series rugged PDA.  Pidion state this is more inline with other brands and that the consumer can now choose exactly what they need instead of wasting cradles that they don’t want and there’s nothing wrong with that but the problem lies with what customers are telling us.

This change has not been made very clear to resellers and we know of others just stating the accessories come as normal in the price as they do with the BIP series.  This is simply not true and you’ll get a nasty surprise when they arrive!

Because the smaller Pidion HM40 has a Micro-USB socket as well as the rugged one, it does come with a USB charger in the box but generally if you want to charge your Pidion HM50 or HM40 Pidion properly then make sure you add a direct charger or cradle option when you’re pricing up.

Confused?  Just ask us and we’ll guide you through any device.

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