We’ve mentioned the ES400 PDA all week so I wanted to just end this series on cases by looking at what the main Motorola ES400 alternative can offer too.

The Motorola ES400 benefits from numbers and the way it’s marketed so people like Otterbox have a brand and demand reason to supply a case, however the BM170 isn’t that far behind but in the absence of an Otterbox what else is there?  In this article we look at what just £25 will buy you for the Pidion BM170 semi-rugged PDA.

On the Flip-side

Firstly we also provide  exact same case designs for the BM170 flips styles as we do for any other Rugged PDA in the Pidion or Motorola range that matter.  There’s the same leather and Synthetic flip cases available, they’re re-designable and they’re still just £25.


We provide 2 holsters for the BM170, both even less expensive and one is even completely budget at £15 and £12 respectively. If you need something cheap, simple but cheerful, then look no further than here.

Is that an Otterbox you’re wearing…

Or just a silicon case?  There is a  great silicone case for the BM170 too which is designed to fit either the standard or extended battery versions.  It’s thick, solid and in our view here gives as good protection as an Otterbox does and it has hand strap which can be removed or a belt strap attached instead.  Again these retail at just over £25 each.

Right, we’re done on cases for a while now, just remember a few good rules to go by with cases are:

  • No case makes a durable, semi-rugged PDA or smartphone rugged.  if you need rugged then buy rugged.
  • Despite the above, a good case will help keep any PDA in tip-top condition, not only helping with its life but also its resale value when you come to change your mobile hardware.
  • A Good PDA case also has lots of hidden advantages like aiding usability and giving your workers more ways to attach devices so they don’t fall in the first place.
  • Most cases are bespoke and can be tweaked or even redesigned to carry your brand or a design that fits perfectly with your needs.

Come talk to us any time here at RAM and we’ll be happy to help.

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