The Pidion BIP-7000 is already an impressive Rugged handheld that’s designed with the warehouse and picking in mind.  5 scan buttons and optional trigger holder make for superb ergonomics, and it really means your users are going to love this for those tiring barcode scanning shifts!

Windows CE and WAN-less versions (Thats without Phone/3G to you or me!) make it ideal for “within-4-walls” or warehouse usage but WM6.5 and a full gamut of field mobile tech (A-GPS, HSDPA, WiFi, BT) also give you a number of configs that make the BIP-7000 equally at home in a field mobile environment.  In fact with many customers looking for an all in one Warehouse – Van – Customer/POD device, the BIP-7000 is bang on target.

Already having a choice of 1D or 2D scanning the little device just got even better with the announcement of an “Extended Range Barcode Scanner” that means a new “Plus” version of the BIP-7000 rugged PDA will allow you to scan 1D barcodes from far greater distances.  We haven’t had one to test with just yet but we’re told that it’s on a par with anything else on the market and if Pidion’s current scan modules are anything to go by we have no reason to dis-believe them.  However I would like to see how flexible the tech is and whether it can knock the “Near-Far” scanner from Intermec off its perch as our choice for this kind of barcode scanning requirement.

This will mean we now have a Long Range scanning capable Rugged PDA that will sit alongside the best that Motorola and Intermec can offer, but at the same time offering the USP of being smaller, way-less expensive, with better scanning ergonomics than the CN70 or MC9500 series at a better price point.

Pidion have one of the most complete line-ups of any rugged PDA manufacturer and they are probably the fastest growing Rugged PDA range across Europe now.  Ask us for more details as we have a range of spec sheets here we don;t carry on the website.

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