Pidion BIP-6000 Gets an Updated Case

The Pidion BIP-6000 is just one of those stalwart Rugged Mobile Computers that has really driven innovation and been a quality product through the many years it has been on sale.  Like with all great products the BIP-6000 seems to receive the odd tweak here and there, rather than major updates which keeps it fresh and updated in a more consistent manner.  Bucking the trend of most manufacturers who are moving everything to China, Pidion recently moved their own manufacturing facility to South Korea, citing quality and innovation as the major factors in the decision when they were here visiting us last, so lets see what the changes are and more importantly what we think of them here at RAM!

So whats changed on the Pidion BIP-6000?

Basically the whole of the outside has changed!

Front and back case

The Rugged Mobile Computer gets a new front and back case with a grippy textured feel to it.  I’m not personally convinced about this, the older rubbery case feels more grippy to me, however the case is definitely harder and will be harder wearing than the old one.  With re-sale values of kit a growing concern for end users, these new cases should look like they will look newer for a lot longer.

Power Button

The power button has been increased in size and it has a better feel to it.  It’s still tucked away so the device won’t switch on in the pocket or toolbox, but it’s just a little bit nicer to look at and to use.

Side buttons

This change I’m not convinced about.  The side buttons have been changed from the rubber ones to semi-clear hard plastic.  At first I thought this was because they probably lit up but alas no,. they don’t have quite the same feedback as the older rubber ones and dare I say it look a little bit cheap.  However they should last longer and when we take a look inside one of these newer BIP-6000 mobile computers we’ll see if anything changed inside.


As you can see the keyboard has the same layout but the colours are fresher and the colour template on the qwerty keypad is a little bit nicer to help users understand the number pad and functionality of the keypad.  It makes the device look tidier and more conservative and more expensive.

Everything else is the same, this update is purely a cosmetic facelift.  We have had a question already about which case will be on repaired devices and also if the newer case can be swapped out and the answer to that will be we’ll let you know once we’ve had a try!  For now though we have plenty of parts for both devices.

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