The Pidion BIP-6000 already has a great battery giving the rugged PDA a very decent battery longevity test score here at RAM as it is.  However mobile solutions are getting ever more power hungry, especially when RFID is used extensively so if you can squeeze more ooomph into the same space then its always a welcomed activity from end users!

The BIP-6000 now has a new 5200mAh high-capacity battery as an optional accessory which adds a fair 800mAh to the already large 44000mAh standard battery you get in the box.  The best thing about the new Pidon battery is that it all fits into the exact same battery shell casing so it doesn’t affect the form factor of the BIP-6000 at all.

We’ve been testing the battery for a couple of months now both here and with customers and the results are in, it’s officially giving a lot more juice and is worth the extra if battery life is a critical factor to you.

So far we haven’t had any notice of the new battery being an “in the box” item but we’re working on that!  For the time being you need to buy the battery separately and it’ll cost you about £10 more than the standard one at about £50.

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