The Intermec CK3 is a real warehouse workhorse device for end users on a budget or who don;t quite need the strength of the super heavyweight CK71 class devices.  We sell our fair share of these here and Intermec this week, announced 2 new models to update the CK3 line up.

Enter the Intermec CK3X and CK3R

So whats changed, Intermec say:

as a refresh to the very popular CK3B, these new models include OMAP 1GHz architecture, superior bar code scanning technology and unsurpassed battery life, and are compatible with most current CK3B accessories, as well our
innovative FlexDock solutions”

To be honest with you, blink when reading the spec sheet and you’ll miss it but both models bring more RAM and an updated OMAP chip.  The jury’s out on exactly how much power it saves right now but it is a fast and efficient chip.  Both get WEH 6.5 as the OS now upgrading from WM6.1.

The CK3X has more ROM (1GB) a better EV30 2D scan option (the same as on the CK71) whilst the CK3R settles for the EV31.  The CK3X also comes with the bigger 5100mAh battery in the box.  Both support the flex dock fully and come with a pretty extensive suite of provisioning and maintenance tools that you can spec the device with or without.  Pricing is TBC.

What we think and Intermec CK3 Alternatives

The CK3 has always been for the more budget conscious user, especially where ruggedness can be compromised slightly.  These changes won’t wow anyone in my view but they do keep the device up to date.  They are 2 main rivals in this group though worth a good look.  The Pidion BIP-7000 is a superb, strong and up to date device with a smaller form factor but equal ruggedness, also available with a 3G/Phone chip.  The Motorola MC2000 brings an ES400 like solution to warehouse.

Available from December, come talk to us if you want to discuss anything about the CK3 range at all.

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