New Dotel H300 Accessories – April 2012

Good Morning everyone, the sun is finally shining here in Liverpool!!  The Dotel H300 is a really exciting new Rugged PDA that is the slimmest we sell and we think on the market too!  Accessories are being added all the time and I wanted to make people aware of a few we have manufactured this month.

No more “Puck” Stylus woes!

The odd plectrum or puck style stylus is a real 50/50 “Marmite” feature with some loving it and appreciating the way it helps the rugged pda stay slim, but some hating it.  We’re the same here too!!  So we now bundle a full stylus and stylus holder in the box with all new Dotel devices so you can decide for yourself!

Dotel H300 on the move.

The modular nature of the vehicle solution is super “dope” (have I been watching too much Will-I-Am this week!!) but we thought it could be better so we’ve also modified this slightly so that it fits securely together and will hold the device in a more rugged fashion.  The full kit includes a direct vehicle charger, direct domestic charger, vehicle holder/mount and is still under £60.

We’re always designing and building new services and products for everything we sell here so if you need anything, just ask!

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