You can tell a good Rugged PDA from the lack of changes it has over the years and the MC9000, on the face of it hasn’t changed all that much over the 10+ years it’s been in service.  However look under the hood of the MC92A0 and you would hardly recognise it from the original MC9000 series.

Not to be mixed up with the MC9500 series, the MC9190 and MC92A0 devices sit firmly in the warehouse scenario and give you a super tough, super functional device that’s got one of the best pedigree’s on the market which is why it’s used by many of the top retail and warehousing brands today.

New features

Well first of all the MC92A0 is based on Motorola’s MPA 3.0 architecture.  What does that mean!  Well put in layman’s terms its Motorola’s way to try to give you a platform that can be easily moved on to from earlier devices.  Less code tweaking, less new accessories needed and porting to it is just easier!

There are upgades to the OS choices with WEH6.5 or Windows CE7, the first device to withstand 2000, 1M tumbles. operates in -20 to +50 degress and has IP64 protection making it one of the most rugged warehouse devices you can buy.

MC9000 series explained

The MC9000 series quickly became popular and over a few years became the 9090 series.  This included short, long keyboard and gun versions that worked in and outside of 4 walls.  The RFID version of the Gun soon became available.  Then with the launch of the MC9500, the ir was a bit of overlap so Motorola enhanced the 9090 into the 9190 with a raft of improvements, but distilled the range down to the long keyboard and Gun form factors.  Today there’s just the Gun format which is commonly used in the warehouse.

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