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We spend a lot of time searching for new products so that we can make using Rugged PDA’s as pleasurable as it can be for our customers  and we’ve been working with a supplier on a range of cases that we can supply for the Motorola ES400.  The Motorola Es400 case is not great being frank about it.  It’s a side-on, belt attaching clip over thing that isn’t what most people are looking for but we have this licked now with a range of 4 new cases and we look at them here:


This is the most popular style of case we sell across all devices.  Leather is hard-wearing, looks good and ages well.  Notice the open LCD and keyboard so it’s very usable in the case.  There are also left and right stylus holders. Leather will last for years but it’s heavier and doesn’t like the wet too much!

2. Synthetic Flip Case – £24 each

As above but made out of synthetic type material. Not quite as rugged and the seams etc are slightly larger due to the material.  Synthetic cases have benefits though, they are lighter, better dealing with water and it also has attachments for a carrying strap or handle.

3. Dockable Flip Case – £Please Call

Same as above 2 cases but designed so that you can cradle the ES400 whilst still in the holster.  This also cradles in the multidock system so it gives folk who have depot sync/charge or development needs a choice of case here.

4. Dockable Case – £18 Each

If you don’t like flip cases, then this gives you the option of an open style case so there’s a plastic window over the LCD on this case.

Please note all the cases above require an extra clip at £9 if you want to clip it to your belt.

5. Basic Synthetic Holster – £16 each

This includes a metal belt clip and allows for holstering of the device in the normal way.  The device has to be taken out of the holster to be used but the design of this case means it is easy to do so.

There we have it, these are popular as the ES400 becomes more and more popular so if you need to talk to someone about this or any other case solutions for other devices then we’re here to help.

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