As it turns out we seem to be having a bit of a rugged PDA case week so I thought we’d finish on a post about our latest products for the Dotel H300 case Range.

Manufacturers of Rugged PDA’s just don’t seem to understand the cases the device needs and their offerings, whether you’re Motorola or Pidion are often an afterthought and not what customers are looking for so we make and co-develop our own.

The Dotel H300 is a superb slim Rugged PDA that’s the lightest on the market today.  We have 2 case options so far, One is a holster for both the standard and UHF versions of the device which is slightly thicker to house a superb UHF Reader.

The second is a super synthetic flip case that is just going through final testing and tweaks now.  These case are far more sturdy and rugged than the manufacturer ones and they are designed to last for years.  The Holsters are £20 each and the flip case should retail about £30, albeit just under.

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2 Responses

  1. Ian Wui

    Hi, Can I know where to buy the cases for RFID reader & bluetooth wand?

    I can’t seem to find them in your online store.


    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Ian

      Can you please either call us or email us on our “info” email and someone here will help you further. I know we have flip cases and holster in stock for the H300 here.