With so many rugged PDA manufacturers out there I wanted to do a weekly blog that highlights 1 Manufacturer a week.  This week we look at Pidion, AKA Bluebird Pidion who offer lots of Mobile computers included Semi Rugged PDA’s and we take a quick look at the Pidion Rugged PDA family today.

Who are Pidion?

Pidion are the largest Rugged PDA Manufacturer in Korea, which cannot be ignored these days.  They are >$300M business and have a customer list that anyone would be envious of.

The Pidion proposition

I think Pidion have the widest appeal on the rugged market today.  Not only do they have 5 excellent rugged PDA’s but they have a successful payment collector, a batch scanner and 2 semi-rugged PDA’s which means Pidion can offer you a total platform for all your needs.  The 3 newest devices now share their innards making it very easy to use multiple devices with the minimum of risk.

The Pidion Rugged PDA Range

Going from left to right in the image above, we start with the Pidion BM150R.  This is the lightest and probably smallest Semi Rugged PDA on the market today and is very popular with our customers due to its large 3.5″ LCD.  It has a tried and trusted spec, if a little aged but it has GSM-less options from under £300 up to full-blown HSDPA, WiFi, BT, GPS, Camera versions at a little over £400 and this includes an extended 2400 mAh battery.  It s a very powerful and popular proposition.

Next up is another Semi-Rugged PDA, the Pidion BM170.  This doesn’t replace the BM150R, but it does offer the same form factor and size but with a vastly improved spec, almost in line with anything you can get from HTC.  It also looks much more like a consumer PDA with looks to die for!  Everything is improved and there is a GSM-less version too.  THe extended battery is 3200 mAh in size which really gives it some oomph.  £540 will get you the top of the range one of these!

The Pidion BIP-5000 is probably the most direct competitor to Motorola’s MC55 and is ideal for fully rugged scanning applications like parcel delivery or anywhere where reliable barcode scanning is required.  It has recently been updated and shares the same basic spec as the BM170 now but is larger, fully rugged with IP65 and drop specs to match, has a built in barcode scanner and loads of accessories expected of a device like this.  Pricing is extremely competitive at under £500 for C.E version and just over for WM.

The Pidion BIP-6000 tops the range and is a superb device.  If you need absolute ruggedness, an unrivalled spec and a device that performs better than anything else we have tested then this is it.  The battery out performed the Psion IKON (regarded as having the largest battery on the market) in our tests and if you need a full sized, rugged PDA then this is it.  Pricing starts at under £800.

Lastly the newest arrival is the BIP-7000.  This completes the rugged PDA range by giving you the warehouse form factor PDA optimised for use within 4 walls.  These start at £650.

Worth a mention are the BIP-1300 which has a receipt printer built in and you’ll see used on Easyjet flights.  The BI-300 also gives you a really decent batch scanner that can be used with the rugged PDA’s.


PidionCare is a comparable and growing service package that includes all the SLA, accidental, comprehensive cover expected on Rugged PDA’s these days.  It comes in 2, 3 and 5 year versions and it can also be configured to match your requirements exactly.  We have a number of devices running on PidionCare and the service is phenomenal.  It’s like dealing with a small company who is really quite large!


Pidion in my view are now one of the best positioned Rugged PDA offerings we have.  Why?  Well because they have watched the market and launched the right devices in to it which is giving us a strong proposition that is taking strong business.  Pidion used to be bunched up with the “also ran” tier 2 manufactures but no more.  Its popularity and quality are now making it a serious contender against the usual brands like Motorola, Intermec and Honeywell.

Next week we’ll take a look at the top Rugged PDA manufacturer – Motorola.

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