So first up in our series looking at the rugged handhelds manufacturers we work with is Motorola.  I’m still pretty sure Motorola are still the leading provider of rugged handhelds in the data capture market, despite Honeywell currently buying everyone they see!  What is for sure is that Motorola are very established, they are great to work with and we understand their products and processes very well.

Why we sell Motorola

We sell Motorola Rugged handhelds because Motorola give us a stable, reliable platform that’s easy to commit to and build solutions on top of.

3 Motorola Benefits

Motorola like to work in a trusting way on deals and with resellers and there are clear processes we can use with Motorola to motivate everyone to win out of a deal.  This in turn gives you a product and support that works hard for you over years. We have a saying here “It’s hard to buy a bad Motorola!”  Whilst this isn’t strictly true these days with their cheaper products like the Motorola Es400 not quite living up to many expectations, it still holds true for most of their range.  The MC series of handhelds has many unique features, lots of patented ruggedness design features, they stay up to date and above all they just seem to work. Because Motorola are the most popular in our market, there’s always a forum or help at hand.

3 Motorola Drawbacks

OK, price is the clear drawback, you’re going to pay £1000 for a device not £600 here unless you go for the ES400 or MC45 where you have to compromise. Whilst the comprehensive service options are good, basic Motorola warranty support is what you’d get from any large corporate. We feel you get treated like a number not a person a little bit too often. Feature-wise there are better products for less these days, but only IF you buy from the right reseller.

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  1. Tamas Biro

    We are using Motorola MC9500-k devices (about 700 pcs). The main problem with this (and I think other rugged Motorola devices) that the camera and the barcode scanner (1D) can’t work together. We have to switch from one to another because they use the same port/dll (or something like this). Otherwise these are really good (massively rugged) devices.