Second up in our series looking at the manufacturers is Honeywell. Honeywell predominantly manufacturer rugged handhelds PDA’s and barcode scanners, but a lot has happened in the past few years with Honeywell and there’s a lot of change on the cards with them too.

Why we sell Honeywell

We sell Honeywell because they make good quality rugged handheld PDA’s, they’re innovative with their own scanner technology and Android / software vision and, they form one of our 3 “prestige” brands at Rugged and Mobile.

3 Honeywell Pro’s

Like Motorola, Honeywell pretty much bought their way in to the data capture market by buying Handheld Products (HHP) and Metrologic a few years ago.  Since then LXE have fallen to them and they’re also now firmly fixed on buying Intermec. although at the time this isn’t yet 100%. This means they do have some very good brands under their belt.  We especially like HHP rugged PDA’s here and most of Honeywell’s newer updated Dolphin series models are largely pretty good.  Service is also good, we work direct with Honeywell so we can control the service really well and build on top of it so warranty or comprehensively, the service is very good.

Honeywell do have a clear vision, involving Android and a software “App” centric future, very much like Motorola.  They’re not standing still any more and are moving forward.

3 Honeywell Drawbacks

Anyone who’s worked in a large company who has been buying out other companies (isn’t that most of us these days) knows what it’s like. Eyes turn inwards, focus is taken away from customers and for us Honeywell has not yet done much with its huge range to get it to make sense.  If they do go ahead and buy Intermec, we can;t see why it’s for any other reason than to buy a competitor out, it’s not good for customers and it will probably mean more confusion for a while.

Like all the prestige brands, their kit is on the higher side of the price ladder, but this isn’t the issue really.  What we look for are USP’s, reasons to buy a model and at the moment our customers definitely are struggling a little bit on a pretty big and confusing range.

Honeywell’s newest hardware does seem to be appealing to the budget end of the market. “Less for less” = “a run to the bottom”, so we’d ask Honeywell if their strategy is one that embraces the hardware expertise they already have in their community and focusses on more for more or does it run to what’s hot at the moment?…..we’re not sure.

So Honeywell are definitely changing, they’re changing our market too and we’ll see lots more going on in the next few years.  At the core are some great products, it’s a case of getting the right brand advocacy around them in our view and they do then have the potential to be one or, if not the largest supplier in our market.

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