So, we move on to the penultimate in the established brands today by looking at Intermec.  You know, you  never know the real truth with these big companies, transparency is a word they simply don’t understand, so my opinion is what we have to rely on here. Intermec 10 years ago were an established, go to brand for me, but over the years they’ve had their issues, rumours have been everywhere and they have become far more difficult to work genuinely with in my opinion.  The result of this is that they are about to fail and be bought by Honeywell who have a $600M offer on table as we speak.

Why we sell Intermec

We sell Intermec because they are still one of the leading brands in the rugged market, their kit is still great quality and has its own innovative features and it is kit you can rely on.

3 Intermec Benefits

Intermec kit is stable, solid and good quality.

The service options are pretty good and we also have a nice process for warranty too.

Intermec arguably have the best voice picking solution in the business with their VoCollect system.

3 Intermec Drawbacks

Intermec kit is not cheap and some devices you have to argue are possibly over the top for all but the most rugged scenario’s.

Intermec has become far more difficult to work out the past few years and staff have turned over quite a bit. I’m not sure we know where we stand with them right now, especially with a take over happening and rumours about an investigation into their management too.  Is that a safe bet for your business to run on?

Some warranty service costs take the P***.  We just had a device with a failed scanner and it cost £800 and 6 weeks  to fix….why?

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