Because we do a lot of testing with 3/4G and phones here, we have to to deal with devices that all have different sized SIM cards.  In the past we’ve literally had to buy and run multiple SIM cards so that we have a Full sized one for our Rugged PDA’s, a Micro-Sim for most smartphones and Nano SIM for ipads and iPhones.  The networks can’t won’t give you multiple sized SIMs all running form the same 1 contract so it becomes costly and also hard to manage as SIM cards laying around are easily lost or even stolen.

If like me you also love your big Android Note 3, but still want to use that smaller, older iPhone for when you’re out and about or doing some DIY then it’s also frustrating as the devices use different sized SIM cards meaning you can’t simply remove it from 1 device and put it in another.

The SIM Adapter pack

Well the new SIM card adapters from Sharp Innovations aim to solve this by selling a pack of adapters that can convert the sizes up, minimizing the need to have multiple SIM cards.  The pack contains 3 adapters that allow you to convert form the following sizes:

  • Nano to Micro
  • Micro to Standard
  • Nano to Standard

If you only have a Micro-card then you can easily cut it down to fit both Nano and then Micro with the adapter.

Micro to Full SIM card adapter being used

Micro to Full SIM card adapter being used

At first glance we thought the product was a bit flimsy but actually they work really well.  They’re just flexible enough so that the SIM doesn’t pop out but they have enough to enable them to slide into awkward rugged PDA SIM card slots.  They also didn’t look like would hold the card in them but actually they do the job and we’ve been playing them all last week with no issues at all.

price & Availability

We can supply these to anyone looking for them for £4 per pack so they’re a really inexpensive but useful product that can quickly and easily convert your SIM card to any size.

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