The Raptor R7 Rugged Android Tablet – A first look

Following on from our Raptor product launch theme this week, we’re going to the top of the range of rugged mobile devices where the R7 Tablet sits proudly. We take a first look at the rugged 7″ Android based tablet and share our thoughts right here.

What is the Raptor R7

The whole idea of the Raptor range is to put a rugged mobile business tool into the hands of any business, small or large so value for money is key in this market and the R7 doesn’t disappoint in that area.  In fact the spec puts devices twice the price to shame with a quad core QUALCOMM processor running at 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM and a total of 48GB of storage (16GB ROM + 32GB microSD card). It has a lovely bright 1280 x 800 screen, big 7000mAh battery and also has a full smartphone spec bringing 8MP camera, 3G and phone along with the usual WiFi, Bluetooth and AGPS features. Quite frankly I was taken already by the spec sheet but I eagerly awaited until I saw the device with my own eyes.

In the hand

The R7 is a real joy to hold.  It’s light for a rugged device, belying the 7000mAh battery and full feature set it has at it’s disposal and you immediately warm to the fabulous handstrap it has which is big, comfortable and adjustable too.  This will make the device so usable.  There are 3 physical buttons on the front of the device for the main 3 Android home, Back and menu options and the device has a number of buttons about it including power, volume, SOS and dedicated Camera button.

You can just feel the quad core CPU working as the R7 is so fast and slick it quite frankly puts my Note 3 tablet to shame and the screen is bright enough to see easily in the Liverpool sun we’re having here today!

The other thing that strikes me is the solid feel of the device.  OK so it’s not light compared to an iPAD and that’s largely due to the monster battery but it is slim and the shape makes it easy to hold and use with grippy edges.

The other thing I noticed were a 30 PIN expansion port which I’m told can be used with the Android accessory SDK.  There’s also copper dots on the back for rugged charging accessories as well as the microUSB and sd card ports we have come to expect from any Android device now.

The other thing the R7 has that is amazing at this price is a 3G chip.  This just worked as did the GPS and WiFi and together with the Android V4.1 OS it sports it was just simple and easy to use.

In the box it’s a simple affair with just a power plug, vehicle charger, stylus/tether, USB lead and headset, however all kinds of accessories are available for this device.


IP67 makes the R7 dust tight and submersible in water so no rain or dust is getting in to this rugged little tablet.  I tested one by dunking it in the River Mersey, much to everyone elses disbelief, and I reckon I got it down to about 4M of water for about 10 minutes with no hassles.  Striking up a conversation with a local fisherman for 10 minutes on what the hell I was doing I also found out that that the river still has plenty of decent fish in it you can fish for and eat!!  Anyway back to the review! The device also has a 1.5M drop spec.  I should mention though that the device also has some nice design features when it comes to ruggedness.  The hand strap we already mentioned is great and will help stop you dropping the device before you start, however there are also some nice soft corners to the device that definitely absorb impacts on the usually rigid corners of the device.  These can also double up as anchor points so you can tether the device easily to yourself to again stop it actually falling.  In fact a tether accessory is in the box to do just this which is a nice touch and thought that you don’t see that often these days.

What we rate

  • Big battery means this is built for all day working. 7000mAh is 50% at least bigger than anything else we currently sell.
  • Super tough ruggedness and a design that helps with ruggedness.
  • Hand strap makes the device a joy to hold and use.
  • Big bright screen.
  • Built in MDM, KIOSK software ready to run.
  • Rugged charging connector means you don’t have to use the microUSB port.
  • Great support.

What’s 2008!

  • The battery is a sealed unit so there’s no way to field replace it, although with 7000mAh you shouldn’t need to.
  • No built in barcode scanner option, although we’re working on that with the expansion port!
  • RFID is an option.

Price & Availability

The price is going to be around the £400 which is simply a steal in my view as this undercuts anything else we sell in this market by almost half.  This also includes a built in warranty+ bringing fast repairs and access to all kinds of portal features to help you run the device and a lot of passion and expertise from us!

The R7 is on sale now so go have your cake and eat it, what are you waiting for!!!

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Dave's one of the founders of Raptor, his rants are memorable, his thoughts are stimulating and his heart is set on helping, entertaining and making things like mobile, Android, ruggedness, 3D printing and IOT simple.

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