Pidion HM40 Released!

Pidion HM40 Released!
Capable device, has some quirks and it's technically not fully rugged but great value for money.
Value for money85%
72%First look

The Pidion HM40 rugged handheld PDA has now been released and is ready to order!  At 134 x 64 x 19mm in size and 195g including battery in weight the Pidion HM40 is firmly in what we would call the “small rugged handheld PDA” bracket so it’s competitors are the likes of the Intermec CS40 or Opticon H21, the Pidion HM40 brings with it a lot of features and punch in a pretty small size for Rugged PDA, more akin to a blackberry than a classic rugged Handheld PDA.

Pidion HM40 Base spec

The base spec of the little rugged handheld PDA is impressive, in fact it’s more than that.  The base spec includes:

  • choice of OS: WM6.5 or Android.
  • 1GHz Samsung CPU.
  • 256/512MB Memory.
  • 5MP AF Camera
  • Bluetooth, Wireless LAN a/b/g/n
  • 2.8″ QVGA LCD.
  • 1.2M Drop spec / IP54.
  • 1500 or 3000 mAh battery.

With options of:

  • AGPS.
  • Numeric of qwerty keyboard. (Qwertz/Azerty available).
  • SUMMIT Wifi Option.
  • Phone/HSPA+ or Phone-less option
  • 1D or 2D barcode scanner

And these pan out as in the Pidion HM40 Range range below.

As of now the range consists of the above.  We’ve already asked if Pidion could remove the scanner from the device as this could really make the handheld PDA super inexpensive but so far no answer on that one.

HM40 – what we rate!

Well we have learnt not to take anything Pidion say about Android with a pinch of salt these days but the HM40 does come with a whole splattering of Android options.  I would expect to see the most popular models above with an Android option for the OS.  We see Android as a major growth factor in our market, especially the solutions market so we love anything rugged with Android here!

The extended battery will be a boon here as small rugged handheld PDA’s often come with small batteries.  This will add some real oomph to the HM40’s field life.

Accessories in the box are what you’d expect with a Pidion RUgged PDA.  Cradle, battery, all leads and PSU are included.

Support and repairs will be unrivalled in this sector.  All UK-based, fast, cheap and efficient!

HM40 – What we hate!

The QVGA LCD, whilst adequate is not up the rest of the spec of the Pidion HM40.

1.2M drop spec and IP54 is the least you need to be considered “Rugged” but it’s definitely a durable device, we’ve had the HM40 on test for months now and can’t see an issue with the ruggedness at all and it’s comparable with the competition in this sector.  It would still wipe the floor with a smart phone.

Pidion HM40 Price

OK, so to pricing!  Pricing is really aggressive and it will definitely put the cat amongst the pigeons here because bringing Pidion value for money into the “Small” rugged PDA sector is going to have an effect.  The price for the top spec “F” model will be about the £460 mark, and the cheapest spec above being about £410, there’ll be something to suit your pocket.


We’ll group test the device very soon to give an accurate verdict but on the face of it the Pidion HM40 rugged handheld PDA has definitely got the mix right to generate sales.  The price is bang on, the spec is great and there are plenty of options to give people choice and to reduce costs further.  Android will give it an edge too and a sub £500 Rugged PDA with all the support and repair facilities that come with the “rugged” element will mean all the ingredients are there.  All Pidion have to do now is deliver a handheld PDA that works and this will be one hot device.

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