Motorola wake up to Android! The TC55 first look

Motorola wake up to Android! The TC55 first look
Looks nice, we think it's missing some key rugged traits though.
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It’s all about new devices right now, we can hardly keep up!

Everyone’s now catching a lift on the Rugged Android bandwagon and we’ve firmly believed for years now that this was always going to be the case but one thing that has surprised us is the way Motorola has largely sat on the fence over Android.  With only the ET1 rugged Android tablet in their Android arsenal until recently. The Motorola TC55 hopes to end that however and marks Motorola’s first entry into the rugged Android smartphone market.

So at first glance the Motorola TC55 almost looks like a smartphone, in fact there’s almost an uncanny resemblance to the HTC one perhaps or is that just me? but what is for sure is that it’s designed to appeal to smartphone users and it does that well.  Sure its deeper than a smartphone and it weights nearly double but it’s still small and light and the extra weight will serve to make it feel more solid and rugged in the hand.

What we like

Well, everything we like is basically that it’s a smartphone.  great CPU, Android v4.1 and it just looks like feels like an Android smartphone.  If you want to ignore the extra “rugged”, data capture or security features then you can.

The screen is innovative. Not only is it bright at 700NITs but it has a nice anti-glare coating, works well in the wet, is the right size and is said to sip battery far less.  Sounds perfect!!

The standard battery is big at just under 3000mAh however the extended battery is a whopping 4410mAh in size that’s right up there with the largest rugged PDA’s.  This is going to be seriously usable throughout the day without charging.

Dual front facing speakers and a super loud speaker system mean you won’t miss that call or alert and scanning barcodes will be easy in loud environment.  Motorola state that the loudness of the Motorola TC55 is 4 times that of an iPhone so be careful using that speaker phone!

The optional 1D imager is basic and there’s no 2D scanning here, other than using the camera but for most this will be adequate and you can spec it out too if you’re not interested in barcodes!

NFC is included. At last a device that actually has NFC in it enabling you to use all the features of NFC and the opportunities it brings.

On yer bike!

It’s not cheap, first pricing indications are that the Motorola TC55 will be from about £600 so there are cheaper options from Honeywell and Winmate and soon from Pidion too that are on paper as least as good.  Check them all out at the top of this page here

Worth a mention

The Motorola TC55 will have the full suite of service from the start products available so they’ll be well looked after if you pay for the service packs.

The device has an “XMoto” case that adds ruggedness and also features to the device but so far I don’t have much on that just yet.

The TC55 comes with quite a lot of features that address the security questions that people have about Android devices.  Its not the pace to talk about that but rest assured the TC55 will be an industry strength rugged android smartphone and we think the TC55 will have a bright future.

more when we get our full retail units, check out specs and downloads on our product page in the meantime.

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2 Responses

  1. Joshua Barker

    I beta tested this product and it’s pretty awesome. Survived a 4 ft drop and my mono for android application ran well on it. The scanner worked very well under datawedge and the battery life and GPS was also good. At the time of my testing, an API wasn’t available to be able to program the scanner response events, but it’s coming. Also, I believe this one’s coming with Google services for people that want that.

    • ruggedandmobile

      We’d still love to know who you work for Joshua. Transparency is the word here at RAM…no secrets!

      One question back at you, do you know if the Android version of this device comes with 3G? In the UK we’ve yet to find one!