Designed to enhance, not replace, the MC9090 series, the MC9500 comes with a raft of unique and new features. Modular design allows you to change keypads from a range of different options, including a new “Calculator” format. The WWAN module is also modular so you can simply add GSM or CDMA or switch between the two if you need to. For the US market this means easily swapping between the two standards, but back here in the UK it still means that you can add GSM later without having to worry about buying new devices. Battery technology has been vastly improved not only by allowing the user to easily monitor the battery charge status but also its health so that you can quickly identify failing batteries Modular or “Agnostic” accessories also mean that the density of Rugged PDA’s to cradles will be able to increase as 1 cradle will fit all. Buy adaptors for older equipment and they should fit. This will be a big winner with companies facing up to big bills to replace or add new infrastructures along with new device choices. Windows Mobile 6.1 will be standard, as is VGA, b/g WiFi and IR. The new Marvel 802Mhz processor, 128/512RAM and a Micro SD slot make this an up to date and high specified device. Lastly an accelerometer has been added which is aimed at helping software developers improve the software experience on the MC9500. Flip the device and the screen will flip with it, we’re not too sure if this is a big bonus but hey I’m sure we’ll find a use for it here! However the same technology is used to monitor and record shocks or drops so that you can monitor who’s taking care of your devices and more importantly who’s not! No word as yet on prices for the UK but we have been told its available from the 18th September so come back soon for an update. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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