As you know we try and get a pre-look and give our first things on any device we sell or don’t, highlighting anything we can to help businesses make their decisions on rugged handheld computers.

Today it’s the turn of the Cipherlab CPT-9200.


At first look the CPT-9200 is a really interesting device and looks like it’s found a niche in the market.  It’s small, has a long/slim form factor which is great for barcode scanning and 1 handed use and it’s price looks really great, starting down low in the mid £400’s area.  Its fully featured too with Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, a full feature set if you want to spec it including 3G/Phone, multiple barcode scanner options, HF RFID, Wlan, Bluetooth, GPS and camera mean it’ll do anything and be at home anywhere.

What we especially like are:

  • 3300mAh battery with a claimed 12 hour lastability. With small 2.8″ QVGA screen, this is possible in our view too.
  • Great looking, small and compact but still offers decent ruggedness with IP65, drop spec of 1.5M and MIL-STD tumble tests it scores 8/10 in our ruggedness rating.
  • Usable keypad.

There’s not much to dislike either.  Even the 3MP camera will be good enough for most users of this kind of device.

So what’s the catch? Well not much really. Even Cipherlab’s UK based repair services are pretty good, we get to talk directly with them when we need and they’re way better than most manufacturers we don’t repair from here at least anyway!

So what’s the USP? Well the RFID is a good feature in our view.  That puts it apart from our current feature leader at this price level, the Pidion BIP-7000.  However when up against anything Motorola, Honeywell or Psion can muster, the CPT-9200, on paper is simply in a different league.

I think the CPT-9200 could just well pinch the No1 spot in this budget slim form factor device category if it lives up to it’s promises and knowing Cipherlab it will.

We’ll get one as soon as we can to test it and share what we feel then.


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