So we continue Cipherlab week by looking at the 2nd of their new devices, the Cipherlab CP60 rugged handheld.

The first thing that strikes about the CP60 is it’s size. This rugged handheld computer definitely falls into the “Large rugged PDA” category and it’ll go up against strong competition from the likes of the Pidion BIP-6000 or HM50, Motorola MC75A or Honeywell 9700.  However we’re definitely seeing a shift down in handheld size these days but with that is a de-focus on this level of size and stature and will manufacturers like Psion even discontinuing their IKON this year, it could be a class of rugged handheld that could just be yearning for a new, quality contender.  So what does the Cipherlab CP60 bring?


It’s way below the price of a Motorola, Intermec or Honeywell but it’s also certainly not going to be the best value for money in this class with Pidion still doing that better than anyone else with accessories galore and great service and repair thrown in for free.  So the Cipherlab CP60 isn’t going to win any prizes on price.  I would argue that the CPT-9200 that we first looked at on Monday has that area covered anyway.


On paper the CP60 looks like a real piece of quality though and perhaps this is where the challenge lies. The spec is really up to date, the device looks great and has 2 keypad options that look usable and well thought out. There’s good quality WLAN options a u-Blox GPS chip, VGA LCD and a while bundle of software to put anyone to shame all designed to get the hardware working for people out of the box as much as it can.


OK, so there’s definitely something to say here. I had to actually check with Cipherlab but the devices has a whopping 2.4M drop spec, IP67 water and dust proofing and a 2000 tumble test.  This is going to be one tough little so-and-so and arguably puts it up against devices like the MC67 and Intermec CN70 and thus it starts to make sense.

Other things to note

  • 3600 and 4400mAh battery options means that battery won’t be an issue for all day working.
  • 4GB flash memory will cater for most storage needs onboard.
  • OMAP 1GHz CPU and 512MB RAM with WEH6.5 or CE6.0 means the CP60 has plenty of power.
  • Lots of different configurations available so you can find a device that fits your needs and pocket.
  • 1D, 2D and long range barcode scanner options.

So in a category that  hasn’t seen too much action in the past few years, the Cipherlab CP60 could just bring something fresh, new and exciting (If it turns you on as much as me!). I think they’ve gone about this the right way by bringing what looks like a decent quality product that could make some waves.

We’re already sorting out some kit from Cipherlab to test so we’ll get back to everyone as soon as we’ve done that to give you a true picture of our thoughts.

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