So far all the suppliers we talked about have been based in the west, today we turn to the far east and explore some of the offerings that give customers a real choice in the data capture rugged handheld PDA market, starting today with Dotel.

Why we sell Dotel

Dotel actually have a great pedigree when it comes to rugged handhelds, making a lot of components for many of the South Korean manufacturers including a very well-known electronics company (Not Sony!!).  Their H300 range is especially nice, good quality, feature packed and very rugged and mobile!  We sell, repair and deliver huge expertise on this range.

3 Dotel Pro’s

Dotel rugged handhelds are inexpensive without being cheap unyet they still do not cut corners on the quality.  Want an alternative for that ES400 that won’t let you down then the H300 isn’t much more.

Dotel are a large company, they’re not a flash in the pan and they are heavily focussed on innovation and developing their products.

They are hugely collaborative, unlike certain other S.Korean suppliers, they talk to us daily, they’re repaired in the UK and have a full suite of service products and when there’s an issue they step in.

Dotel do not put your business at risk like other far eastern brands can do.

3 Dotel Drawbacks

The H300 is a great PDA but that’s about it for now, although there are new models on the cards, the range is limited right now. The Dotel H300 is rugged, but for some may not be rugged enough. Dotel are focussed on the lightweight rugged market for now at least anyway. I can’t think of a 3rd! If you are looking for a slim, feature packed good quality solution with great support then Dotel could be what you’re looking for!

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