Ah, the good old days selling lots of Pidion rugged handheld PDA’s!! Up until a year ago we were by far the biggest Pidion supplier in the UK, we out sold even distributors.  We’re still the best in our humble opinion, based upon an uncompromising committment to service, knowledge and repair of their kit, and we still talk about them a lot but we did remove Pidion from our “adopted” brand list here at Rugged and Mobile, earlier this year, here’s why.

Why we sell Pidion

Despite the challenges with their hardware and them, we still sell Pidion, we sell it because they do have a nice broad range of PDA’s, but largely because they give the customer a cheap option and put a rugged PDA into the ands of people who can’t afford the like sof Motorola .

 3 Pidion Pro’s

Pidion are cheap, certainly if you need just a few. If you need a whole project then Motorola and Psion etc get far close, in fact very close these days, but if you need a bit of cheap hardware, up front and aren’t worried about support then they’re an option for that.

Pidion do have a broad range of PDA’s so you have a good chance of getting different types of PDA all under the same manufacturer which in theory makes support a little easier.

They have a small semi-rugged device called the BM170, it used to be unique and is a good port from older WM P6500’s or ipaqs.  It’s not unique any more though!

3 Pidion Drawbacks

We had a thriving warranty service on Pidions for 2 years.  We stopped doing that though, unless you buy a service contract in which case we still repair them here…. draw your own conclusions from that!  You can no longer get < 3 day warranty repairs in the UK now though. Pidion kit has its fair share of problems.  It used to be good, but not so much these days in our experience, especially with firmware.  This is fine when we’re doing warranty repairs in 3 days for you, but not when they now take a lot longer and cost more. Pidion have no UK presence and when the top reseller in the UK is stepping back, you have to wonder what they’re doing?  They’re numbers focussed, numbers are down, communication is poor these days and they have become difficult to work with, probably due to the constant change of personnel. Pidion need “remarkable” resellers with passion, who will bring opinion, take risks with their brand and bring brand advocacy; prioritising those over profits and we don’t see that happening in the UK any more. Without that and without a passion they’re just another far eastern supplier with all the same problems in our opinion.  Be careful where you buy from and you should still be OK. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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