The Intermec CN4 and CN4e have been around for many-many years and we just got end of life warning for them this week. The end of life date has been set at 31/08/2014, so it gives users a good year to find an alternative device and the full notification process is below:

  • August 2013 – First EOB (End of build) notice
  • November 2013 – Second EOB notice
  • March 2014 – Third EOB notice
  • June 2014 – Final notice issued

August 31, 2014 – Last Day to Place Orders; EOB complete There’s no direct replacement expected and with the Intermec buyout happening right now we’re not surprised to see that.  Users should consider the Intermec CN70 series or if you need something slightly less rugged then the CN50 (Being replaced by the CN51) would be the way to go.  Check out our site now and filter by all kinds of different parameters to see what else could do the job for you. The rugged and mobile Blog

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