I didn’t realise how long this series was going to take so we’ll try to wrap it up this week and get moving onto some more interesting stuff!!

This week we’re looking at bluetooth barcode scanners and today we’ll take a look at Cipherlab / Ganedata.  Firstly whilst Cipherlab are a fairly well-known brand in data capture circles, Ganedata perhaps aren’t. To clear this up Ganedata are the importing arm of Cipherlab and where they bring in a lot of their newer WIndows Mobile based rugged handhelds. Cipherlab tend to take on the more traditional barcode scanner and CE based kit.  Both are the same company, based at the same Leeds base and are the same people!

Why we sell Cipherlab bluetooth barcode scanners

Great people, UK base with great service and good communication form an established supplier with a growing list of products.

Cipherlab Pros

  • Own scanner technology and their bluetooth barcode scanners are really good.
  • Nice range of features and options on all models.
  • Very reasonable price, in fact they probably sell the least expensive bluetooth barcode scanner on the market right now with the Cipherlab 1660.

Cipherlab Cons

  • The Rugged handheld PDA range is confusing and recent releases have been a little quirky.  We’d like to see a decent full range brought out.
  • Product roadmaps aren’t as established as some.
  • SDK and tools not so full as some and not so easy to navigate but are getting better all the time.

If you’re looking for bluetooth barcode scanners that have great features for a budget but are durable and some nice options like AA or Li-ION battery packs then Cipherlab bluetooth barcode scanners might be right for you!

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