There’s more to life than Zebra Printers!

Wow, first Man City win the Premiership title, then Chelsea win the Champions league.  It’s a bad time to be a liverpool fan (like us!!) but it just shows that all good things come to an end and new teams or products will eventually catch up and often surpass the leaders!  In line with our current theme looking at Mobile Printers, we’re going to take a step up from the “budget” class and look at more Rugged Mobile Printers.  Now some of these printers aren’t officially rugged, some are but the important thing to do is notice what else on the market there is.  There really is more to life than Zebra when it comes to mobile receipt printing!!



WoosimCare is delivered from right here in the UK, its quick, it’s inexpensive and it’s awesome. Datamax we’re hoping to take on soon and Zebra uses a manufacturer lead service.  This is where Woosim printers will really score on service and price against the Zebra.

Rugged Mobile Printers in a nutshell.

You want the cheapest rugged mobile receipt printing on the market without compromising on quality then the Woosim WSP-i450 is very hard to beat.

You want a better known brand, still with great quality then go for the Datamax Apex series.  Great brand, great products and for those who aren’t ready for the east just yet these offer the best alternative.

Times are changing, and whilst there are a few areas the Zebra range still excel with (Paper roll size, Battery size) you only have to look at the Rugged PDA market to know that things will change.  There really are very few reasons why you’d buy a Zebra QL320 or Zebra RW420 now.

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3 Responses

  1. alanjmcf

    Three hours pass and I finally workout that MSR probably stands for “Magnetic stripe reader”… :-,)

  2. Kelly Jones

    I love my zebra printer but it is nice to know there are other printers out there in case I ever change my mind about zebra. I don’t think I will though as I love it and it is highly reliable for what I need it for.