Small Barcode Scanners – Choosing between the Opticon OPN 2001 and OPN 2002

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As we’re covering our top bluetooth barcode scanners this week, I thought I’d do a quick tech post on the main differences on the OPN 2001 and OPN2002 small barcode scanners.

Asides from the obvious, that the OPN2002 is the Bluetooth barcode scanner version of the OPN 2001 which is simply a batch scanner, there are still a fair few other key differences that you get for the extra £50 or so for the OPN 2002.

General Spec

You get a general spec improvement, listed here:

  • Connectivity adds bluetooth
  • Flash ROM is doubled from 512KB to 1MB meaning an extra 10,000 barcodes can be stored in the device.
  • RAM is increased from 64K to 1MB, this will help the Opticon OPN 2002 perform better but if anything we feel the OPN 2001 performs better.  Why is this, well the OPN 2002’s Bluetooth chip will require a lot of processing power which is what this is largely for.
  • Battery size is up to 240mAh from 150mAh, of course this also needs to drive the Bluetooth radio but in pur batch mode the OPN 2002 will last longer.

External dimensions

They are actually slightly different, with the OPN 2002 having a small bump on the top, clearly housing the extra bluetooth chip, which also adds a massive 1g of weight too!!  It might be small but on a device this small these differences can often be obvious.

USB Port Cover

It’s official, we confirmed this with Opticon themselves.  The OPN 2002 comes with the USB port cover, the OPN 2001 does not.  It’s a price thing and you can’t buy the covers separately.  I would add that the cover comes off and gets lost rather easily so look after it if you have an OPN 2002.

Tether anchor point

There is a slight difference in where the tether anchor point is on both models as seen in the photo above.  The OPN 2001 sits far more naturally on its lanyard, whereas the OPN 2002 is a little bit awkward.

Charge station compatible

The reason the tether points are different are because the OPN 2002 houses an extra charge and sync connector, also seen above.  This allows you to use the 10 station cradles (CRD2000-U10 & CRD2000-RU10) which not only charge but can sync the data from all 10 devices to a PC or server.  The OPN 2001 is not compatible with this charge station

Function Key Vs Delete Key

Lastly the small little square key underneath the main larger scan button works differently on the Opticon OPN 2002.  On the OPN 2001 it’s a handy delete key but on the OPN 2002 it offers far more functionality, including Bluetooth discoverable modes.  You need to read the manual to see what else!

Don’t forget if you’re after an iPhone or android Bluetooth Barcode scanner then its the OPN 2002 you need.

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