So your P6500 estate got a rude awakening last month and as all “shiny” devices end up, it was abruptly taken out of service.  We’re getting a lot of customers trying to replace their P6500 estate and I thought I’d share some of the common questions here.

I want a direct replacement with the large screen being paramount to my needs, what are the options?

Well 3.5″ screen, durable, there are currently only 2 or 3.  Firstly the Pidion BM150RV is the probably the most like-for-like replacement.  It’s in fact a better device with a drop spec making it a “semi-rugged PDA” and it has a 2 year full support contract available.  A fair amount of accessories, with WM5/6 options, an HSDPA version and all around the £500 mark.  You can also get this in GSM/GPRS-less version cutting the price down by about £100.

Secondly the Trimble Juno is a durable device with a nice big battery but whilst it has an HSDPA data option, it does not have phone capabilities.  It retails about £670 but it is a very  nice device from a very nice manufacturer if your engineers don’t use it for phone calls.

I need a properly rugged device but my budget is £500 what’s out there?

Only 1 device really, the GaneData GX8010.  This is a superbly built very rugged PDA, with a great battery and WM6.1.  The drawbacks?  Well it only has a 2.8″ screen, but that might be ideal for some.  Its 64/128MB memory configuration is limiting for some users with hefty software to run on it and the 400MHz Samsung processor, whilst seen in many other devices, is still a little bit on the slow side these days.  It retails for around the £550 mark though with a box full of accessories and the best Adaptus 2D barcode scanner included in the price making it fantastic value for money.

OK, its time to go for a rugged device, what can I get that my business can really rely on?

Motorola’s MC55 is the obvious choice.  All the short comings of the original device have been addressed with a great battery, small size for a rugged PDA but with lots of radio, keyboard and scanner options.  The accessory list is as long as your arm, if a little bit on the expensive side but you simply cannot fault what is the most popular Rugged PDA on the market today.  speak to us now for qty orders because we can really do well with this device for serious orders.

I would also have to recommend the Opticon H19.  Its small, again with a 2.8″ screen.  but it has a 1 or 2D barcode scanner option and lots of accessories.  It does suffer from the same memory and processor constraints as the GX8010 does but for £660 you can;t complain and it’s popularity means it should be fine for most applications.

Anything new worth waiting for?

Well yes there is!  Firsty the GaneData GSmart is nearly here and it is a fantastically powerful and fully featured Rugged PDA we feel will sell very well for around the £700 mark.  Its small with a 2.8″ screen but it packs a powerful punch.

Secondly there are rumours about that Motorola have a replacement for the much-loved MC35 ear-marked for the end of this year.  It is rumoured to be more rugged, more stable but at a very competitive price.  We’ll have to wait and see!!

Pidion are releasing the BM170 in the next 4-6 weeks too which is kind of iPhone looking durable PDA, same as the BM150, more powerful and a little sexier looking!

Of course there are many more devices.  The Janam range offer unrivalled value if you need something without GSM/GPRS capability.  Honeywell are also revamping their whole range and the Dolphin 9700 is a fine device, if a little expensive at around £1300 and All the manufacturers on our website have many offerings and we’re have the experts to help you through your decision, getting the right device for you.

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