Yesterday we got official notice for the Motorola ES400 going end of life.


To date we have no further news about the dates and the process and timings that will now take place but one thing’s for sure, judging on past experiences, this will be swift and sharp!  We’re working to try and get some more definite news so if anyone can add to the conversation, please use the comments section below.  We know a lot of Moto people follow this blog so if one of you could come forward and shed more light on things then we’d appreciate that.


Last book date is 1st September, however this is a while stocks last thing so if anyone needs ES400’s, you need to act now.

Last ship date is 1st November, no more ES400’s after this date at all

End of engineering support: 1st May 2015

Last service date: 1st November 2017.

Service & Support

To confirm to any “Service from the start” or comprehensively covered people, you’ll have nothing to worry about in terms of service which should be honoured until the end of your contracts.  However to add to your device estates, you will have to either get buying soon or consider a different device.

Anyone with Warranty+ through us on these devices will be supported with no issues, we have plenty of spares so don’t worry about that.

Alternative devices

We’re moving a lot of people off ES400’s anyway here, with some great successes with the following devices

  • Dotel H300S – A fully rugged ES400, super slim, qwerty/numeric keypad!!
  • Gen2Wave RP 1100, 1200 – Super rugged, small, 4000mAh battery.
  • Pidion HM40 – 2.8″ screen, 3000 mAh battery, qwerty or numeric keypads.

All of the above devices have a history of long end of life notices, long roadmaps and are all within reach of the ES400 price.  They’re fully serviced and repaired here in the UK, loved and kissed every morning by us and their users.

And yes there’s no Moto device in that list above!

So far we have been lead to understand that there is no replacement device to the ES400, in fact we’re told that the MC45 will be just that but this leaves us slightly puzzled as the MC45 has a lower general spec. Doesn’t have a qwerty keypad and is larger with a barcode scanner included.  We’ll be sure to post anything we know as soon as we learn more.

The ES400 has a lot of mixed feelings here at RAM.  On one hand it was a popular, unique little device in many ways, but our experience was that it was also unique in the amount of trouble and issues it gave us and many of our customers throughout its life.  In the right hands it could be the core of a nice little mobile solution, however without care and attention and if mis-sold as “rugged” we felt that it could be a problematic device.  One thing’s for certain, it sits at the top of our “Most seen” devices in pour repair centre and the stats don’t lie.

if anyone needs any help or advice then please just get back to us and we’ll help you.


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