It’s really amazing to see how quickly things have changed over the years in the rugged market and this post takes a look at the top things that have changed and impacted what businesses are now looking for in a rugged enterprise device.  Its interesting to notice just how quickly this revolution has emerged too.

Android is here baby!

mobile is no longer a single OS scenario, we’ve now got at least 3 established OS choices within the mobile enterprise which means businesses can pick up the technology that suits them best.

Microsoft is all over the place

Whilst Microsoft do seem to be getting their act back together generally in terms of Windows 10, it is totally unclear and to date undocumented what their plan is in the mobile Enterprise arena.  To underline this even after nearly a year of being formally released, Windows Embedded 8.1 is still only available on a handful of devices and these are mainly Android ports!

Drop in Microsoft confidence

Windows mobile is over 6 years old now and with no generally communicated roadmap businesses are accelerating their take up of Android in an effort to keep innovating themselves but reduce the risk of where they commit.


10 years ago when Windows mobile dominated hardly anyone had a smartphone, but today we all have at least 1 smart mobile device so we’ve all got our opinion on how a mobile device should work.  We demand familiarity at work in order to be productive.


As mobile becomes central to all businesses, they need more than just a piece of hardware that one of their .NET programmers can install a few apps on to.  They need these devices to become huge Android productivity tools that can innovate their business going forward.  Working directly with manufacturers, who have devices that are truly wrapped up in all kinds of services and features are what businesses are looking for in today’s market, not a reseller flogging 200+ brands who has no idea what any of them do!

Cloud services

Cloud services have really tipped into being accepted now in all walks of life and this has also had a dramatic impact on mobile computing.  Cloud services can take away a lot of the end user device decisions and technology meaning you can build business systems around a far more fluid architecture where mobile technology can be plugged and played more.

Rugged technology

Whilst IP ratings and drop resistance used to be expensive investments for many rugged brands, ruggedness today can be achieved easily by almost anyone wanting to achieve it. Improved fabrication techniques, expired patents and agile manufacturing mean that today superb levels of Ruggedness can be achieved far more easily.

Features over ruggedness

The above has lead to users and businesses becoming more feature lead.  If ruggedness is attained easily enough so they look to improving the features and power they have for their budget instead.

Agile over Mission critical

10 years ago mobile was a risk for many or a huge investment that needed to return over 3, 5 or more years.  Today cheaper devices with the latest technology are demanded at a fraction of the price and businesses need to change frequently to keep current.


In more recent years the new push is for businesses to adopt and utilise a more IOT approach to what they do.  Whilst still in its dawn in the business world, IOT means you need the right mobile technology in order to innovate effectively and that means Android or IOS.

So there we have it, it really is amazing just how things have changed and the Enterprise mobile scenario is no different.

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