Smartphone phone support is important and i’m going to share my experience of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and use it as an example of how not to do things.

As many of you know when it comes to my personal smartphone i’m one of those people!…a loyal Samsung Note tribalist who has pretty much fallen in love with the Note series since inception. I have always loved phablets, I love productivity the stylus brings and I think over the years the Note series has been a superb mobile device. In fact I am sitting here now looking at a Note 3, 4 and 7 right in front of me, all still used for various developer tasks here at Raptor. Hell, I even reviewed these devices as they came out right here on this blog.

So why write about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? This is a business/rugged blog about rugged things! Well because i’m peeved. It takes a lot to peeve me, no really, just let me prove that for you.  I spend about £100 per on kickstarter projects and about 20% of those have ever materialized into anything good for me. I understand that new stuff goes wrong, doesn’t work or even never gets made.  I understand that new products can take a long time to get right, that I need to be patient and understanding and that the money I give to a project does not actually entitle me to anything and indeed in about 20% of cases never delivers.  However the process is what’s important and not the end result and this is where Samsung has gone wrong with its smartphone phone support for the Note 7.

What not to do

Smartphone markets their mobile phones as an essential tool to enrich your life unyet it’s fine for them to tell you to not use the £750 device and then to go silent on you for 10 days. So what do i think isn’t acceptable and we should all learn not to do if we’re offering Smartphone phone support as part of our business.

is it OK that Oculus had to make the first announcement before Samsung when they found that the replacement phones were still faulty?

Is it OK that I have had to port my phone twice already, and now once again?

Is it alright that throughout all of this Samsung have forced updates onto my phone, removed features unyet not collected the phone and refunded me for weeks?

Is it OK that it has taken 10 days from my last call to get a date of 21st October for a pickup of my phone? That’s nearly 3 weeks I am expected to not use a phone that Samsung still have £750 of my hard earned cash for.

Is it OK that Samsung have not given me any clear help, advice or dates at all on when i will get a refund?

Is OK that all we here about is poor old Samsung and how many billions it will lose over this?  What about use Note 7 users? Do they think people like me have the time to mess around like this, is there no cost to the time, effort and loyalty that I have given them?

Is it OK, and I quote that Samsung think refunding me is a “token of appreciation”?  I thought that if you sold something that was faulty in the UK you were entitled to a refund.

Is it OK that Samsung have offered S.Korean and USA customers extra gifts to say sorry but the UK has been offered nothing?

Is it OK that I bought a bunch of accessories for my Note 7 that are now simply just even more money wasted by me?


Remember that this is a multi-billion dollar company we’re talking about here, not 2 guys with an innovative product on Kick starter, working 16 hours a day!!!  If they lose even the top estimate of $15B over this then they’ll be OK people, hurt but OK.

The moral of the story

What’s the moral of the story? Well firstly I don’t think you get much more loyal than me in today’s world, especially outside of the Apple ecosystem. I am now waiting for Samsung to try to bring me back into their fold, but i’ve now seen a little glimpse into their company and i’m not so sure that those out stretched arms mean what I think they do any more.

I waited a long time for the Note 7 to come out.  I got up form the punch in the face when I found that the Note 5 wasn’t coming to the UK and I waited. I’m not waiting any more, I quite like the Nexus 6P I now have, its pretty good actually, it cost half the money and I don’t know if I need a Samsung phone any more.  Maybe, just maybe the trance has been broken?


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