With a recent announcement from the big M that they’re now dropping the Windows “Phone” brand, I have to ask the question….(Insert long sigh)… yet again as to why Microsoft chop and change their brand names so often.

Don’t they know that the market is so confused right now, especially about their mobile operating system options and never mind the end users, us resellers and integrators aren’t getting anything like the focus and communication we need to rally the cause for Microsoft.

Just to push this home, we have a new recent wonderful example of just how confusing things can get.  We all now that Windows is trying to become the uniform OS across all devices and indeed has been one of the biggest challenges for Microsoft as it has to take a “Desktop & Server” OS model to battle against pure mobile OS suppliers like Apple and Google Android.  So everything is now called Windows 8 something or other…right?…..Wrong!

The new replacement that is still being piloted to replace the ageing Windows Mobile (or is that Windows embedded handheld!) line of OS is going to be called Windows Embedded 8.  Why not Windows 8 Embedded? and add to this if IWNdows phone is changing as the article suggests, that confuses me, let aloine the poor old courier on the street looking for her next mobile device!

If you want an Android device…any device at all, you buy … Android!!

Ditto for Apple, You buy IOS.

The problem, with Microsoft in my view is that it’s not giving itself the simple platform top build ion in the first place.  No-one understands their products!!!

So i’ve taken the liberty to rename all of Microsoft’s  mobile OS products for them:

Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Tablet (RT)

Windows 8 Smartphone (Phone)

Windows 8 Rugged Enterprise (Embedded 8)

Lets see if it catches on!

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