Rugged PDA Repair and Service is often a misunderstood, confusing and plain rubbish area for customers to deal with so to end this series on Rugged PDA Repair and Service we wanted to publish the top 5 questions we get asked by customers:

Why do Warranty only or out of warranty repairs take so long?

The top question we get asked!  Our published times for Intermec and Motorola are averaging 15 days at the moment, but that’s nothing compared to Psion who are taking 4-6 weeks to repair kit for us which is really stressful for customers and costly for us to manage.  It’s just not good enough.  It’s actually insulting to be honest.

Warranty repairs take so long because they are always treated as the least important repairs and are at the back of the queue when it comes to repairing them.  If lots of service products come then they get no attention, if none come in then they have time to repair them, simple as that.

Why are they so costly?

We don’t know the answer to this one.  We can buy most LCD screens for under $30, so we don’t know why Motorola charge over £350 for a touch screen repair.  I think there is an element of “told you to buy a service product” here but I also think its unfair to make everyone pay for one when they genuinely don’t need one.

Why can’t I buy a service product on a monthly basis?

Well it’s like your car insurance really.  If everyone could buy service on a monthly model, then they would probably cancel it after they made a claim which would be rather costly to the supplier!  We feel we might have a model that could work for this though.  Watch this space.

How can the “Mobile Phone operators” do this far cheaper and include theft in their plans?

They’re not cheaper, the average cost for a comparably priced device like a Blackberry or iPhone is about £10 per month (£5 per month for a rugged service contract).

Thefts are replaced with refurb units, yes even their largest and most powerful customers get refurb ones, no-one is special!!

The products are not comparable.  They are based on the network contract not the hardware and they use their refurb pool to keep things running.  Try that model in the rugged market and you would soon run into asset management nightmare alley!

Is an offsored service centre better for me?

All the major manufacturers have 1 service centre someone in Europe, usually the cheaper parts! the pros tend to be around the fact they have a Central cheaper service, the cons are also that it’s a Central “cheaper” service!, no local help, engineer communication and postage costs for most to send to places like the Czech republic are higher and take longer for devices to get there.

We think it’s probably swayed a little too much into being more about cost cutting for the manufacturers than it is about service for the customers to be honest.

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