We’ve missed the Q&A for a couple of weeks as we’re testing content ideas right now but here it is back and packed with real questions from real customers

1. What’s the difference between a Rugged PDA and Rugged Smartphone?

Aha, yes that’s a tricky one but here’s how we see it and it’s a 2-fold answer!

1. We try to call a Rugged PDA something that’s more classically like a rugged device.  Bigger, running Windows Mobile, has a keypad and is designed by a rugged manufacturer with mission critical and enterprise at it’s core.  A rugged smartphone is more Android, smartphone-ish in nature and is something that we feel is growing in popularity.

We also think that the term “PDA” is no longer understood in the way it was so we are finding ourselves using the term Smartphone a lot more these days in a generic fashion.

2. Can you still get big Windows based tablets?

Absolutely, just look here!

3. I’m told that Antimicrobial devices are no longer wanted in hospitals as they are “too clean?”

I have to admit I’ve been to more than 1 healthcare meeting where that has been said, but I’m not the expert on the NHS and how germs pass.  What I do know is that they use iPads on the wards.  You can’t get an antimicrobial cases so they are definitely passing germs from bed to bed that way?  There are still lots of options of AB devices so come talk to us as we can help.

4. Are there any 5″+ rugged devices on the market?

Yes the “Phablet” fever has hit the rugged market too and the best we offer is the Raptor R5 right now, the BM180 form Pidion is also very nearly here and will be the first device with Android or the new WIndows Embedded 8 OS.  We also have a few other devices and more on the way.

5. Does a 2D barcode scanner scan 1D barcodes?

In general yes, a 2D Imager will scan all barcodes, including all 1D ones.  There are some exceptions, if you’re using a particularly small or niche barcode type then you need to check first as you might need a high density or near/far scanner .

Remember just tweet in to @ruggedandmobile using #RAMQQ or send us an email and we’ll answer it!


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