So this week we focussed on the small V large debate and I wanted to cover off a few questions we got about the topic.

1. I’m fed up with smartphones not lasting all day, do larger PDA’s really last longer than the smaller ones?

If all day lastability is key then smartphones are the anti-christ. Not only do they have half the battery size of a rugged device, with the best devices like the Samsung Note 3 having a 4 3200mAh one Verses the BIP-6000 with its 5200mAh battery, but they also have to power far more hungry features like large screens with far more pixels, graphics chips, 4G and lets not forget that Google or Apple are constantly poking about your smartphone too which is the reason most run down over night!

2. Are smaller rugged devices still as rugged as the larger ones?

On paper yes they are and in many cases many are more rugged but you have to buy the right device. Don’t go for anything with a drop spec of lower than 1.5M.  Many brands are selling high IP rated with low drop spec devices which look like glorified smartphones but they miss the point in my view. Look for the same you have always looked for, IP65 or more, drop spec of 1.5M or more and look at the design of the device too.  If it looks flimsy then it probably is.  If it’s yellow, rubbery looks tough, then it probably is.

3. Aren’t batteries 10 times better than they used to be though?

Yes they are, but they’re also continually asked to do more than they can cope with.  So whilst battery tech is innovating at a super high rate of knots, the technology demands form them are probably higher.  Rugged smartphones always lag the very latest features and specs so they usually sip battery a bit better.

4. Does a bigger screen take more battery?

Oh yes, and its still one of the big drains on battery.  Big screens use more power for many reaosns but the biggest are:

  • Physical Size = more light required = more battery to physically light the screen being used.
  • Size = more pixels = more power to operate each one.
  • Brightness/colour = more sophisticated firmware, more brightness = more battery power used. Great for gamers, not so great for business people!

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