So this week we focussed on the latest update to Android’s operating system, namely v5.0, Lollipop!

1. What rugged devices is Android L on?

None right now! In fact none at all right now.  The first will be the new Nexus devices, which are Android’s own devices.  I suspect Android one users will get the update pretty rapidly too as that’s the whole idea but that doesn’t help us UK based folks. Nohting slated or scheduled as far as we know just yet!

2. Would you recommend using a few versions back for stability reasons?

Yes, we always say here to give things a good 6 months, whether OS or hardware to let all the bugs shake out.  I don’t think Android will be any different with a few rapid bug fixes normal in the first few months of the OS’s life.  There’s nothing wrong with Android 4.1 or 4.2 to be honest and it makes for a great platform to develop apps on.

3. Will my device be able to be upgraded to Android 5.0

We always tell custoemrs to check out the specs based on Android’s own pages.  There are obvious stages where Android can get scruffy with older hardware and we saw that most in the 2.3 to 4.0 update.  As far as we can tell later Android devices should be OK with the update as long as they have decent amount of RAM and a decent CPU.

4. I was told that Android 5 rips off Apples look. Is that true?

Weird question, but i’ll answer it anyway!  To be honest my personal view is that they all take cues from each other on design.  Apple were ground breaking originally, but Android have been the pusher of flat design and the new material design is really nice.  I think it’s an area where things are diverging though.

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